The Black House

The Black House is a space and an artist collective started by Heidi Sincuba, Kefiloe Siwisa and Ebun A Sodipo. As three queer artists of colour we felt excluded in the London art community. Rather than chase galleries and institutions for opportunities, we decided to organise our own safe space where we could share, collaborate, create and heal. 


Where we were

We decided to occupy a space in Peckham called PemPeople on 91 Peckham High Street. On one hand the space was important to us in light of heavy gentrification in a historically black neighbourhood. Many of us were based in South London, but didn't feel represented in the changes we saw around us. We wanted to be part of the change, and assert ourselves as young creatives who could occupy space in a productive way. 

what we did

Our programme included exhibitions, markets, music performances, screenings, workshops, talks, readings, yoga, snap and head-wrap tutorials, eating and chilling. We wanted to integrate artistic ways of congregating with the ones we grew up with and felt at home with. Our guests included Jacob V Joyce, Jay Johnson LeEkhaya and Sassy Tees. 

what is our future

We believe in the potential of The Black House. As Africans of the diaspora, we have seen first hand the difficulty creatives of colour across the globe face from lack of inclusivity. We intend to travel The Black House to South Africa as well as Europe. We welcome your support and hope to grow The Black house family.

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